This category showcases profiles of newcomer male applicants, who has a better potential than an absolute newcomer.  Profiles in this category are generally promoted quickly to professional male models once they grab a little bit of experience and camera time. Appropriate tags may still apply depending on their choice of genre of modeling and acting.

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Profile published on : January 4, 2018   Edit Profile

I am middle class family guy, from a small town called Ratlam in MP. I am just doing what all people do till now, but from my college days i was interested in modelling but didn't knew much about it. It's been 4 months from my graduation and i don't want to be like others doing MBA or PG and working in packed box.

I think i can be next big model because i am photogenic, i know how pose when you are been captured and i am 6 feet tall which i think is plus point for it .Currently working on my physic to make it better. I am focused and serious about it. Just need a chance to prove myself.  My inspiration is HRITHIK ROSHAN , I can relate my childhood with him also. I met him more than 3 times. I too love dancing and acting but right now not targeting it as career. 1st dream is to become MR. World 2020. For this career i have never given auditions , but waiting for such opportunity.
Just need perfect platform from where i can grow. I have completed my bachelors degree in engineering and looking forward to make a career in modeling.

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Profile published on : January 4, 2018   Edit Profile

I am at the best of my health and have a great physique. I didn't come this far to quit. I didn't studied modeling courses attended any classes. Simply learn from my morning Fred's n my many of photographers. My people always call me best poser. I am always strong in my point, other than that I'll prove. I am a artist for pencil sketch and a gymoholic. While am getting bore or shit am start to going to the gym or start to draw a person. In this fashion field need to prove my self to others. I can, I'll do it. I'll give my best.

Yes exactly it's too far to me before 4 years. Now am almost reached 50% of sea. Before 4 years I was just 35kg lean body. Looking so ugly, wherever i go there is one word rejection. That words keep inspiring me as to taking to this level. Per day am going 2 hours workout health food life, I change my life accordingly. Now people give recognize me as a model. Already done commercial T shirt add for flip kart and Amazon. Done many photo shoot for college project, modeling practice, till now didn't done any ramp in any shows. Have good physic and bold. Looking forward thanks once again

Profile published on : January 2, 2018   Edit Profile

I am new to the industry of fashion modeling. I am interested in ramp shows, fashion modeling and print ads for designer brands and western wear. I am interested in opportunities that will help establish myself in the industry as a fashion supermodel. Although, I haven’t had much prior industry experience, I have done stage shows in college and experienced the camera for a professional photo shoot.

I believe that brands are always on the look out to project their image, not only commercially, but also creatively. It is the creativity; the wow factor and the newness that makes people tick. I believe I have the fresh look and newness to offer. Coupled with the fresh face, I have good confidence that goes well with my height and personality. I love listening to heavy music and working out at the gym. My motto is to “Just do it”. I believe one should execute their dreams when the time is right.

I am a newcomer and would like to enter the world of fashion modeling. I have done couple of stage shows in college and faced the camera for a portfolio shoot. I believe in the tagline- “Just do it”. If there’s something that I really want, I would endeavor to give my all to accomplish it. I want to give my best shot at fashion modeling. I am attracted to the glitz and glamour of the industry and want to project myself uniquely to establish my reputation as a fashion supermodel.

Mumbai maharashtra
Profile published on : July 29, 2014   Edit Profile

To start with i have traveled to almost every part of India as i have worked with my father in his traveling business. it has been a learning experience as it teaches you to be adventurous, responsible, understanding, calm, friendly also you can deal with any given situation swiftly. these are the qualities which i have developed over the time , also life teaches you something new everyday and i am open to learn new things, i am very dedicated person.

The reason i have created my profile over here because i think i possess almost everything that is required to be in this profession, my strong points would be my photogenic face and height. also it gives you freedom of choice, you are your own boss, given an opportunity i would like to make this as my career as i am hobbies include photography , driving , traveling, music , volleyball. i have never been to any acting classes but i am a quick learner :)

Profile published on : December 23, 2017   Edit Profile

I'm very punctual about my career and for my work, I respect to all the casting and technical team member and understand about their hard work.. i can assure to the production team and casting team that i will do best by my side. I'm a trained actor from one of the reputed acting school and i have done two feature films as an Assistant director. I have flexible body so i can transform my body structure according to Character in short span of time.

Profile published on : January 16, 2015   Edit Profile

I have lack of knowledge about Acting, reason behind it is different field I have right now. But I just want to tell you about my though. Now in Present day 95 % child born with one dream to be become super star, and i m also one of them, I also interested in photography, I am made when i show camera in front of me when some one shoot me,

I feel like I am in heaven, I have some attitude Problem but I know manner how to talk with people and I respect people always, I love my mom more than myself, I hate to waste of time, Always I feel i waste my time when i am free, I am doing gym, Drawing, I define myself i think I am a bad singer sing in my mind, sometime in toilet also lol... I have business mind & i am expert on it, great management skill i have like god gifted, when I am going to bed for sleeping I set my hairstyle, this is crazy thing in me.

New delhi, delhi,india
Profile published on : December 26, 2017   Edit Profile

I am Rajendra Singh Rathore 28 years old height 5 feet 11 inches, unmarried-Indian, I would like to work as a model and actor. my strengths is to motivate my own self, because the reason that I lost my dad while i was 01 year old. I came from very small village from MP i.e Nagda. I am doing job while I was in 08th class in school. In the morning I went school and in the afternoon I went for work because I needed money for my school fees and daily house expensive. Therefore, life gave me lesson " Success is just a struggle away".

In my personality I have some plus points, that by nature I am very funny person, people like my Dimples on my check, I like to be fit so I am very strict about my gym and diet. I always like to help others specially physically disable people, I Follow one mote" Respect women and elders and give love to animals. I do not one thing that if i saw someone to not take care their parents, I feel sad. Object to open a foster home for kids and old people. Currently, Working in New Delhi at Hotel Raas Vilas as sales and marketing manager.

Profile published on : December 26, 2017   Edit Profile

When I was doing my engineering my mates my teachers use to initiate me for joining glamour industry because of good according to me looks is the most important factor that i have and i promise u that i will reveal my flamboyancy, and i am ravish with my looks.

Second is about intelligence and dedication so il figure u out that my attitude and gratitude is only for my passion about joining industry. I have a lean body with good day i am at the sky high because of my passion passion aggression is all bout industry....i will not say i am good in singing and dancing....but i sing bit cool to impress any one....i m sport person love selected in balaji telefilms but studiez waz going so not able to figure it out. I am still a fresher...hav done rampage in college time.

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Thane, Maharashtra
Profile published on : December 23, 2017   Edit Profile

If I tell you about my unique qualities is i can get easily get involve with crowd, i am a straight forward person and if i take any project or work then i can't leave in between I'll complete my work on time or before, i am a quick learner and tech savvy also. My physique is good with good height and i love to singing and sing also.

My inspiration is legendary actor Shri. Amitabh Bachchan Ji, because when he started he was get reject from everywhere but in the last he got success now he is today super star in bollywood. My hobbies is to travel around the world, singing, drawing & play cricket.

For modeling & acting i follow each and every act by watching film, tv serials & modeling events to know small small things about this field, i read blogs of some actor how they get success in this field even they are not learn or took any training of acting from any school. If am i took any work I'll complete with full of dedication and if get a chance to work in films and tv serials. Workwise I am still a fresher.

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Bayad, aravalli district, Gujarat ,India
Profile published on : December 11, 2017   Edit Profile

Professional model who is extremely passionate about creating amazing images in front of camera. Well versed in many genres. I'm very versatile and I can channel a wide variety of looks. enthusiastic and committed in whatever I do.My self-confidence is my forte! I am very ambitious so in that department the sky is the limit but I keep my feet on the ground. I consider my sensibility and humility to be my greatest strength but more than anything I admire how brave I am !

I am a born actor. No agency can teach you acting. Its come naturally. and I am god gifted in this manner.
I love to face the camera since childhood so I am very confident in front of it..
My passion for acting and modeling dominating my life. That's the only reason which make me to change my medical profession to this. Yes you got me right I am a specialist ( an Orthodontist). I crave for fame. which makes me different from other. If you are dedicated to your work then no profession would be Competitive.

I am a professional model who is extremely passionate about creating amazing images in front of camera. Well versed in many genres. I'm very versatile and I can channel a wide variety of looks. I was trained in one of the well known modelling agency Mymodel in Russia. I have learn modelling and Acting in India. I have done some web-shoots. I'm enthusiastic and committed in whatever I do.I'm happy to work with professional photographers and stylists.My self-confidence is my forte! I am very ambitious so in that department the sky is the limit but I keep my feet on the ground. I consider my sensibility and humility to be my greatest strength but more than anything I admire how brave I am! I participated in various Fashion Modeling events as A run way Model in Russia.I look forward in updating my portfolio after being in the Medical field for such a long time. I have some experience and would love to work with you to build even more experience in the modelling field. Thank you for taking the time to read a bit about me. I look forward to hearing from you!

actor male
Mumbai, Maharashra, India
Profile published on : January 15, 2017   Edit Profile

As I have grown up and explored my life, I have realized that I gain a strange satisfaction by entertaining people around me. Every time I am with people or at get-together I make sure people have good time when they are in my company. I do take time to open up but I make an effort to do it. No specific 'plus-points'. I'm humorous, witty & a sensitive guy who believes he sings well enough to not make people leave the room! Like every second Indian, I'm a Cricket fanatic. I take inspiration from anyone who has or is doing something for which he had to sail against the tide. It can come from the glamour world or from a vegetable vendor. I believe knowledge and inspiration is everywhere, we just need to be open for it.

Haven't done anything great to prepare myself for this 'daunting' career. The fact that I'm enjoying this session means I'm here to enjoy my journey and grow as an individual with every step. I'm a passionate lover, and I love this field! A fresher in Acting / Modelling. Was an AD in TV for 4 months. Apart from that, have 1 year experience in Advertising agency under my belt. Just want to entertain people and enjoy the process.

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Guwahati, assam. India
Profile published on : December 25, 2016   Edit Profile

I am a simple guy, lean and thin. I have a will to explore the modelling, advertising world etc. My hobbies are singing (bathroom), cycling and listening to music, and adventure tour.  I am a nature lover more than any historic places. Currently pursuing and that's why a little restriction to explore.

I am not a masculine but due to height I didn't think about it and even now, cause everywhere I hear the height has been mentioned that a guy need more than 5 feet 7 inches in glamour industry, that's why I feel to be useless sometimes as I don't have such height but even someone ask me for photo shoot for the magazines, modelling or whatever acting I am ready for it, cause in my opinion to remain fit is much more important than you build the body to show self as a hunk. Dedication will be focused after completion of study.

I haven't gone for any photo shoots but I have a will to go for it. I haven't done any acting course. People are in hurry to get into glamour industry by absorbing the bodybuilding concept which is a stressful for many, but if we can take initiatives for persons like me, we can do much better than others, cause in comparison to bodybuilding guys, there are more lean and thin guys to average guys in our country, who want to enroll themselves into modelling, acting and so many..and thus that will make a business plan better with such entry of guys. But due to height problem , thin body and so on ,there is no chance for them. Why should copy other, if we know the fact that will work, why not we can go with such initiatives. However to remain fit is good for all, and building a body is a self help. If we go by new concept..we can at least come forward to enroll ourselves.

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