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Profile published on : August 18, 2016   Edit Profile

Hey, My name is Akash Kurade. Every individual wants to pursue somewhat or the other dream,in the same way i wish to become a successful model and actor. Above all my dreams is to become the most humble and grounded person which is more important than anything else. Being a fat kid since school days I've to struggle a lot to get the perfect physique. My only aim in life is to inspire the younger generation and to become a perfect role model for them.The only thing that pushes me to pursue my dream is to set an example for others. Being the most bullied guy I've suffered a lot to get this kind of confidence in me.

I was looking for an opportunity since a ling time to launch myself in the world of glamour. The only thing that keeps me going is the self-confidence which I've gained through lot of difficulties and obstacles. Last but not the least i wish to say that "I can't change my fate to become the greatest of all,but yes i can change myself to be the one of a kind". Thank you, and I'm still a fresher

New Delhi
Profile published on : August 14, 2016   Edit Profile

Corporate Leadership Trainee Of Global Hyatt Hotels Corporations . I have managed restaurants, bar and banquets at Hyatt Regency Mumbai. Currently working as Assistant Food and Beverage Manager at Lemon Tree Premier New Delhi Aerocity ( managing over 150 employees ). I covered Lakme Fashion Week , Raymonds and other shows of HUL and various corporates. I am Smart ,Strong willed , ambitious and an achiever. These are probably the four traits that i possess apart from a great sense of hum our has only helped me create memorable experiences for the guests that i have interacted with in these last lucrative four years .  The above statement also underlies and distinguishes me from the rest of the lot , a professional , an entrepreneur and a family legacy of Actors and Models (Arjun Rampal , Randeep Hooda, Rajat Tokas) have made a mark in their respective fields.
Also being the nephew of the first Indian to win a silver medal in Asian Games (Mr Khazan Singh Tokas) has helped me groom myself into a person with a passion and Zest for a  sport that has helped shape my personality to its fullest.
Moving ahead , looking forward for a career in show business as would like to explore it from the front and create a benchmark.  I have already experienced it from a point of view angle and find it lucrative to take the plunge ! Definitely, for now!

male Chandigarh portfolio
Profile published on : August 13, 2016   Edit Profile

I am just training to become a professional golfer, always had the vision to be on that GQ cover or that vogue cover ,just didn't get that break or maybe will who knows , who knows one day but not today my favorite line, favorite models David Gandy, Sean o pry, they have that X factor which I think I possess ,just to be ignited again .love working out, running I just love you can just test yourself mentally and physically, not a fan of bodybuilding,  fan of working on the mental aspect, will do shoots for free cause I just love doing that ,but my first passion is golf cause that's my dream and my grandads dream ,just a side work to finance my golfing dream. I applied to all the top modelling agencies in the world cause my vision is that but didn't even get a reply but that's alright, at least my profile is in their email address. One day if not today is my favorite line.

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Sydney & Dehradun
Profile published on : August 13, 2016   Edit Profile

I am always up for something new because that is what adventure is. So far I have had a lot of fun and learnt a lot about myself but there is still a lot to find.  I am Indian - born and bred. I moved to Sydney at the age of 17 for my Bachelors in Engineering. After finishing the degree, I worked in various jobs, one of which was a Personal Banker (at a bank). Now an engineer at a bank sounds confusing, but that is how I have lived my life - experimenting.  I love reading (Favorite novel - And the mountains echoed by Khaled Hosseini), Kite flying (ought to be a national sport), watching Game of thrones, learning new languages (currently Spanish & Farsi), cricket & of course fashion modelling.

The first time I was told that I should work in Bollywood, I laughed. The more I laughed, the more people kept telling me. So, I decided to give it a shot and have never looked back since. The response I have gotten from people has been incredible and I am loving every moment of this adventure. I am a newcomer to the modelling industry, however, I have a dedicated following on Instagram where I have created a full portfolio of my modelling pictures while displaying my personal clothing collection which includes brands such Van heusen, Ralph Lauren and Levis.

Mumbai, Maharashtra
Profile published on : August 12, 2016   Edit Profile

I am awfully greedy, I want everything from life. In terms of acting and modelling, I like to reinvent myself — it’s part of my job. Being a good actor, I am very much skilled in Mimecks, Hariyanvi Language, Comedy, Negative Role, Posing and a different personality altogether. I recreate myself, that is my only power. i've done an acting course from kreating charakters I have also done some theatre plays in School and theatre workshops from lalit parimoo theatre in mumbai.. I have worked as an assistant director in Dil dosti Dance channel v.. I have also worked as an actor in a bollywood movie which is supposed to release this year hopefully. I have done Secret Diaries on V Channel and Boys in Big Magic.

Hey, I'm Karan Rai.. i'm looking for work in Acting or entertainment industry.. Work like Modelling , prints and tvcs are also welcome. I've done an acting course from kreating charakters I have also done some theatre plays in School and theatre workshops from lalit parimoo theatre in mumbai.. I have worked as an assistant director in Dil dosti Dance channel v.. I have also worked as an actor in a Bollywood movie which is supposed to release this year hopefully.

Mumbai, Maharashtra. India
Profile published on : August 11, 2016   Edit Profile

I have not gained much of an experience, although I have done 2 English Plays (Jesus Christ Superstar and 7 Ways A Day) and 1 Hindi Play (Three Sisters by Anton Chekhov, Translated). Also, acted as a lead for a FTII produced short film (Jump After Me), and few amateur modelling assignments for Golds Gym (Pune), Shoots for Bhartiya Vidhyapeth Photography School (Pune). I've also co-directed a documentary in New Zealand to raise awareness about the diminishing.

For starters, I'm like Heath Ledger for myself. The usual, "I'm enthusiastic" or "I'm Inspired" or "I'm Hardworking" doesn't count for me, I am much more than a good speech. There are slight confidence issue with me but I overcome those. I give my full fledged attention to the work I am assigned to and completing that job gives me satisfaction. Success and fame and money is what everybody wants, me too, but these are petty issues for me, not my first priority. I have a firm and simple personality, an almost fit physique and a nice symmetrical face. I can sing (not trained). I can dance (takes practice and not trained again). As for my hobbies, I occasionally write and get inspired by that and then somehow it leads to the motto of my life, that is, "Do whatever you feel like, as long as it's the right thing to do." I am dedicated, highly determined and fairly disciplined. For preparations I took acting classes and a course that taught me about other aspects of film-making.

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