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Every individual is unique i possess quality of adjusting myself according to the atmosphere and people around me which very few people have. I believe beauty is about being comfortable in your own skin, its about knowing and accepting who you are, I am beautiful, optimistic and confident 18 year old girl who has dreams and wants to achieve it. I have a good body as i worked hard to get the perfect shape. Body is a temple of ones soul. I am a graduate in classical dance kathak, national level badminton player, state level swimmer.

I work for my dreams to come true and i feel i will make it big in this industry.I am pursuing computer science and engineering side by side modelling. I have worked on my body, skin, hair, accent and i feel learning is a process to grow and i will keep on learning for the betterment of my personality. I have shot for an editorial shoot for a north-east magazine called Toast to life. I have show-cased dress designs of many fashion designers in north-east.

Pune and Mumbai
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Education made me Mumbai High Court Advocate (Specialized in Property n Domestic Violence) and passion made me enthusiastic Model. This Combo makes me Unique Model then the better ones.Plus point is i never let fade away my passion because of profession and will continue till my last day.I believe in clean, genuine n respectful work which in any circumstances will not let affect my dignity nor my self respect and of course my name among respected advocates. A very positive person, eager to learn new things, punctual, confident, self-motivated, compassionate, passionate, straight froward, patience but wherever required blunt, strictly follower of my principles n believer of Myself and God.

Special skill-hard worker to achieve all my Goals in life n fabulous Bollywood dancer; rather God gift dancer. Inspiration is my Mom and my Guruji always supportive, shows positive aspects and full confidence in me. Hobbies-Riding bikes, reading motivational books, doing creative work. No Ideal - I want to be Ideal or Inspiration for upcoming learners. Currently doing a couple of ramp shows in Pune. I have print shoots for a Dubai based textile company.

actress Hyderabad
Hyderabad,Andhra pradesh.India
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I am not a model by profession, so really don't know which photo to upload and which photo not too,Just uploaded the one's that i found in my gallery as soon i opened, please excuse me for that! I am a fresher and had this zeal and aim to become a model actor from the time i was in my college.! Though i am not experienced i never used to leave a chance of participating in modelling events,skits and acting events in my college,workplace,school etc. And i have won several awards too, one of my award is for "Good Physic" and the other one for nice "Looks", The above 2 are just the glance of the achievements that i have achieved.! And one of my plus point is i really dance well.Many of my friends are models and actors and i have been inspired by them. Iam really not sure if profile will be accepted! Because i don't know how to put a profile across an agency! My bad! Hope to hear back from you with a good news.

Kolkata, West Bengal, India
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I live in Kolkata, India. I am an educated, smart girl with a craziness of passion. I am a freelancing, full time model & actress. The only thing that takes me towards modeling is my passion of art, nature & camera. I also love writing in free time. Physical activities is always my favorite. My appearance in work place is absolutely professional. I loved to work with booth professional, amateur & beginners too. I hate TFCD, TFP, & any other kind of TF & test shoots too.
I don’t believe in short listing, any kind of selection or interview or Audition. So don’t ask me for this. I have experience in this industry since 2011. I do work as a freelancing model. I have become a total camera loving girl. Anyway come to the point of experience.

  1. Fitness Modeling: Studio Exotica
  2. T-shirt Modeling: Various Charity Organization
  3. Fashion Modeling: Ethan Weaver Photography
  4. Lingerie & Swimwear Modeling: Since 2013
  5. Calendar Shoot: Vicissitude 2013
  6. Stoke Photo Modeling:
  7. Art Nude & Fine Art Modeling: Art Magazine
  8. Nude & Glamor Nude: Kelly Emmit Carson Photography, Deborah Anderson Photography
  9. Glamor Modeling: Mentor’s Photography, 2015 Glam Magazine( per-Production)


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Hello maam/sir. I am Daisy rajput. I am hail from Chandigarh.I know what I want and I follow my own dream.It is the sense of direction that gives me the staying power to stick my goal and achieve my dream. This is the unique qualities that I posses. I am a strong communicator, self control, admit mistakes.These qualities makes me different from zillion individuals. I believe in my self and I am a confident girl with a great smile. My plus points are my positive attitude. It allows me to preserve and be resilient when things don't go my way. My inspiration is my Mother. My hobbies are dancing, singing, traveling to different places. My motto is "Lead without followers live from within". I have strong commitment to this career.

Yes I am serious about it I want to achieve my dream.I will give my 100% to this career.My strong believe in myself make me believe  that I will leave a great impression in this profession.Thank you. Regards. I have taken part in beauty contests. I was crowned by miss India earth jyoti brahmn. I have participated in Ayur face of the yea and got best smile there. I have won many dance competitions. Thanks . Regards

actor glamorous top
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Work Experience - Fashion/Ramp Shows - caliber India 2012, miss stunning face of universe 2013 first runner up, fashion carnival 2014, Paridhanam fashion show 2014, Oomphoria ramp show , Mr / miss fresher 2015 ( as a judge ) presented by

  • Asian business school , iconic professional inspiration 2015 , The garment hub 2016 .
  • Ads-zoom channel promo.
  • Magazines- celebs
  • Calendar shoot - Aaj ki delhi , Queen hunter 2016, vintage sunglasses and frames.
  • Hair shoot - For naturals.
  • E-commerce shoot-, homeshop18, snapdeal
  • Bridal shoot for wave-2
  • Jewellery shoot for style stamp
  • Designer shoot - Style stamp
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