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artist andheri modeling indian male
Andheri west mumbai
Profile published on : December 11, 2017   Edit Profile

I am very passionate and hardwork about my career in acting and modelling. Acting has changed me alots into an ambitious person as well as a good human. I would be very grateful if get consider for any character role where my profile fulfills it. I belong to a middle class family from a small town called Kargil in J&K state. I did some plays while i was in school as the teacher who organized the play named the group (called jawed & companies) He was the English teacher from Jharkhand, i am sorry as i don't remember his name. I never know that i wanted to be an actor while i was performing plays in my schooldays.

I brought up in Delhi to complete my studies in 2008 ie. KVs school sadar bazaar Delhi cantt. As i was alone and spent about 7-8 years in Delhi, along with it i was giving auditions and i completed my bachelor in mass communication from correspondence because of financial problem ( well i wanted to pursue it as regular though ) i was also doing jobs to fulfill my daily expenses and requirement. And finally i came to Mumbai for my acting career on 10th march 2017 ( actually i was about to shift to Mumbai in 2014-15, However my parents didnt allow is little emotional, you know) I would be very grateful if i being consider for any character role thats suits me. I am very passionate and hardwork about my career in acting. Acting has changed me a lots into an ambitious person as well as a good human etc. thank you

1- Some shoots for jabong in 2012
2- I have done a shoot for a serial which happened in Noida film city, i role i played was a CEO of a japanish company.
3- Worked as a crew for Dangal movie for 2 weeks in New Delhi @Thyagaraj stadium.

I have been shortlisted for 4 assignments including a movie based on college life, as lead in an add commercial etc. however i have to face that negative result at the end.

Yardley, PA United States
Profile published on : August 16, 2016   Edit Profile

To start my name is Viral Pandya as you may already know. Most people here in the US cant believe that that's my name. But It meaning one in a million, and i truly believe i am. I'm very focused and goal oriented person. I absolutely love traveling and meeting to people. I'm known in my town as "the guy who knows everyone."My interests include Tennis, working out, and fashion coordination, I'm a social butterfly so to speak. But I'd really love coming to India for work. This is my passion.

Even though my parent want me to be a doctor just like most Indians in our community. I want to prove to other parents that letting your kids follow their dreams isn't always a bad thing. My parents think that if I continue this field of modeling i wont be successful. Which i think is such a false statement. I think i can make it big. With my personality and looks i feel I'll thrive in a different way. I cant wait to prove everyone wrong. You only have one life to live why not go for it and give it your all.

artist Kolkata gallery
Kolkata, West Bengal, India
Profile published on : August 14, 2016   Edit Profile

Hi, This is Prayas, a 6 ft person with a rugged look, with a dream to be a super model, have already worked with the brands like AHANA, JAVED HABIB's, ECO Crust, IIPK, De Mode, GL Creations, Kurta Bazar, RATHI Fashions, Zeal Garments, Credent Academy and many more. Have walked in fashion weeks like north east india fashion week, kolkata fashion and design week, and many other shows. I love playing cricket and badminton.. not a very good player of both but still i enjoy playing these games modelling is my passion so i used to maintain a very tough schedule which includes gym and tight maintained diet.
I do job as well.. have done MCA from IIST , and have taken responsibility as PAN India IT Head for a kolkata based company. I follow David Gandy as my role model. i dont want to become like David , i just follow him, his looks, his attire as my desire is to become something near or more then him one day. I have done shoots for the brands like AHANA, JAVED HABIB's, ECO Crust, CREDENT Academy, IIPK have walked in northeast india fashion week, kolkata fashion and design week and other fashion shows.

India male
Profile published on : August 14, 2016   Edit Profile

I was born & raised in North-East of India where fashion is like a drug to the youths. After the completion of higher secondary school i live mostly in South India. Whenever I'm traveling or walking down a street, Surprisingly quite a few people approach or ask me if I'm a model which leave me in blush at certain times due to the fact that i a'int one. But i always was intrigued by a quote from Coco Chanel, "I don't do fashion, I am fashion". I believe i got a swag and a fashion statement which by the way i received a fancy compliments from a friend, co-workers & the loved ones. Not long ago i was assigned a photo shoot work (part of my job) at Bangalore where i manage to organize the merchandise. Due to some undisclosed reason the model was pulled off and they put me through.

The shoot went smoothly & the experience was amazing! Moving forward i leave Bangalore some time back in search of a better opportunity to conquer a model career in the city called Mumbai. Recently did a Photo shoot for Italian Luxury Brand called Dsquared2 at Bangalore

Mumbai,Maharashtra , India.
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I have not done anything significant yet, still a fresher. Hi, I will start talking about myself with this quote "If you do what you need, you’re surviving. If you do what you want, you’re living.". I am man of words. I am strong from both inside and outside. I never give up on what i love or whom i love . I believe in my honesty towards everything i love , because to achieve something you have to be honest towards it. I am not scared to take risk in life.

I am a strong believer in the power of Love in this world and it reflects on my work and in my daily interactions with other people. I am not scared of failure, the only thing that i am scared of is losing my loved ones, its the only fear i have. I am very athletic, i love to stay fit it amazes me that what beautiful thing can do with our body its a gift from God. I love playing football, I love music, i love playing my Piano , i am currently trying my hands on Violin. Good or bad all that i went through makes me person that i am today and this what reflects through my personality.

male photo gallery Coimbatore models gallery
Coimbatore , Tamilnadu , India
Profile published on : August 13, 2016   Edit Profile

I always feel that i have a own power to overcome anything even in my bad times, i hardly take it as a lesson and keep arguing and fighting for that until i reach exactly what i was suppose to get. I am proud to tell you all that my patience keeps me rocking, I am not a short temper to loose everything permanently instead i stay quite and i frankly agree that i am a stable person. More over i have an excellent physique and i am admired everybody around me. Dancing is my another outstanding skill which i have to proudly accept. My hobbies are doing bodybuilding.

Yes, obviously its tough but the other side i can feel that i am growing day by day, as i said before i will be waiting for the goal I've been trying for and definitely dedicated, determined and disciplined where ever i go. I have brought up my physique, style and way of speaking. In my modelling career i have done Mr/Mrs Coimbatore fashion fest and won second top model in Coimbatore. I have done few fashion events and few eCommerce shoots for textile industry,
and my first short film is been completed successfully and yet to come on screen. I am waiting for the best sponsors and best shoots in future. Would like to get into any kind of shoots which suits me.

male 9
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My special qualities are that i am very punctual i never hurt people i also can make people laugh and also understand and sort out their problems. My most precious gift or skill is sketching cartoon or any characters from comics within seconds and once i learn it i can draw the character in any view. I also sing good not beat but yes kind of good. My biggest inspiration is Siddharth Malhotra. He belongs to a normal family and then got raised into a rising star which makes me feel good about him. He also started his journey from modelling so i also want to become like him. But yes i will be more happy when i will achieve a great height then he has achieved and i definitely know that he will be proud of me if i did that.

4. I have lost 15 kg weight in order to make my courier in modeling. I am also a person who believes that if we think we are good in something we should give it a try and i do think i can get selected. I am a 18 year old boy who is really desperate for someone to give me a shot for modeling i just need a push from someone in order to get in modeling zone i promise once i get into it u wont regret ur decision at all. Just give me one chance!!!!

gallery Nainital male photo best models
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I am very much interested in shooting pics, listening music, I like to play an outdoor game like football, volleyball. I always like to learn new technologies. My strength is that I always try to make myself adaptable to the situation. I always want to achieve my aim by doing hard work and wants to become a self-dependent and super model wants to achieve success.I have a good learning capability My weakness is my poor communication skill and lake of eye contact and before starting any work, I feel myself in pressure and that sometimes does not give me the actual result that I want. I am a single task person until my task not get completely over I am not put my hand in another task. To overcome all these weakness.

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