Profiles of gorgeous and young professional female teenager models in India. These girls generally fall in the age group of above fourteen to about eighteen years in age. We have also included a few profiles making an exception for the girls who may be in their early twenties but yet have a teenage look.

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Kolkata, West Bengal, India
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I've not trained at all in this field. I've never faced any kind of contest or audition related to acting or modelling. In my high school years I've appeared in some short dramas as lead character & I've also directed 2-3 dramas in my school. I can't do dance. I can sing a little although I'm not trained at all. My eyes are absolutely beautiful(that everyone says). My inspirations are Mother Teresa, Indian Army, Navy & Airforce. My hobbies are singing, listening music & cooking. I pursue a goal from my childhood e.g to be a professor . Although I've some other goals along with it. My life's motto is to get success in my goals. I know modelling & acting is a very very hard job . & I've set up my mind to stick in this field till I don't get the success. I'm a fresher in this industry. I haven't done anything related to modelling before. I haven't appeared in any TV, films or photoshoots.

MUMBAI actor female
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So,its truly said that every individual is unique in his/her way and its on us if to see the positive side of the person or the negative side.Pointing out my unique qualities which according to me are unique is when I start doing some work,I become the serious and focused me or else I'm very chilled.Even stating my negative point that i have spectacles doesn't mean I'm studious or nerdy it's all technology fault and hopefully will get rid of them soon.I'm a good lawn tennis player and even participated in many tournaments and my favorite hobby is listening to music also painting at times.My inspiration is surely my parents.
In life,success and failure are always there its like a part of our lives.We can't lose hope if there isn't much scope of success.If we sit back and look at our failures then probably success isn't going to favor us ever. so my motto is 'Keep looking forward and everything will all in place someday' so let the career be daunting or not.

pictures artist female
London, Newham, United Kingdom
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I give off good expressions in my shoots and I can listen to instructions really well. When I am given a task I stick to it and stay determined towards it. One of my good features would be my dimples. I feel they make my smile stand out more. I always work hard towards anything I put my mind to and try not to let anyone down. I have not done any professional modelling for any companies, but I have done a professional shoot to create a portfolio. I am still a fresher. I have a passion for modelling and feel it would be easier for me to access the modelling industry in India and feel that Southcast would be a great help with this.

actors glamorous
Mumbai, Maharashtra
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I love Fashion. I like rings & clothes. I'm a Vegan. I'm an adventurer. I love to travel. I'm into fitness and have really worked hard on my body. I love decorating, organizing & being honest. I would wish to travel the world If given the opportunity. My inspiration is Priyanka Chopra. She has been working hard and now has a position in Hollywood. I consider Tyra Banks as my inspiration too. She was a Victoria's Secret Model and because of her dedication, she's a huge personality and a role model now. I have a round face and a cute face according to me. My physique is small and adorable and I'm pretty confident about it. Everybody is beautiful in all shapes and sizes. I'm gypsy, a wanderer. I know modelling is extremely difficult but I can try and I know I can do it. Everything in life is hard. But there is a reason I opted for this and I will succeed in this no matter what. Hard work never goes unrewarded. I have prepared myself by being calm and compassionate.

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When I see a vibrant flower, or a peacock majestically strutting his colorful plumes, I revere the beauty of nature. Beauty is everywhere. Appreciate the beauty around you while beauty is still in its prime. That is what my thought about beauty is.The most unique quality in me is being a women and i strongly believe in the quote by - Friedrich Nietzsche Women's modesty generally increases with their beauty.  I always make an attempt to be modest all the time and be beautiful and beauty in me lies in my confidence,my vision about my life,my honesty and the most prior my emotions.

The unique qualities in me are my debating skills,writing skills to some extent,a national swimmer,singing as a very prior hobby,my love and concern for everyone,my active participation in various NGO programs by Bakul foundation in Orissa, continuous 2 years Rajeev Gandhi awardee. Soft-spoken,emotional from strong determination and career-oriented are the words which describe me.My mother is my inspiration. Video advertisement for Five star hotels named Mayfair Hotels and Resorts,Miss Odisha beautiful skin in the year 2013,done many fashion shows for various designers in orissa.

Mumbai top actress modeling models
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
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I have hazel eyes which are usually brown, but change to hazel when I look at green, cry or wear green. I have ear holes, I can wear earrings as well as walk in heels. I love to walk in heels. However, I am looking for a modeling job that I can do as I would like to explore the world of modeling. I love acting (I like to enact facial expressions sometimes) and taking pictures of myself. I like posing while mom takes pictures of me where ever I travel in the summer holidays. This year I went to Italy. I have a YouTube Channel, by which I upload dancing videos of myself.

I am currently in the 12th Grade. The current hip size is an approximate- I will measure myself again. However, the waist size is actual. Fresher As of now, I have no work experience what so ever. However, I will be starting the internship at Pantaloons which is an Aditya Birla Group business. My school, the Aditya Birla Integrated School, has arranged this internship for me which will start in mid June. I went to ABWA (Aditya Birla World Academy) and did IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education) there.

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hello , i'm a complete fresher to the industry . with no ex[experience yet confidence , skills and beauty to step forward . i'm an engineering student with diligent love for modelling , i would like to work as a free lancer through your company , looking forward to work with you. Being creative is a hobby , profession and living for me , as i dance , sing , paint and work through creativity , i love to shine with it rather than with intelligence . I'm an online lyricist , blogger and writer.

One cannot truly know their strong plus-points but from the compliments and the applaud I've received there's a feeling that speaks through my eyes , they are special , i might not be able to describe them well enough but you might realize when you like into , people say my eyes show the warmth and love before my greetings. The inspiration and motivation I've received is from my mother , she's special at least to me . she might be the person whom i wanna be. The motto of my life is " life might not be fair all the time but it will become better when you work through your heart than with your mind". To me every career is either tough or easy , they all are in the same medium . it depends on how you look at it and how much passionate you are about it .

Manchester, United kingdom
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I have modeled since I was 4 for many we'll known companies in the UK and a well know Asian boutique known as Sai fashions, I have walked the catwalk for Asian bridal shows since a young age I am planning to join the models portal in June. I have a passion for modelling which I have had since the age of the 3 that's when I started modelling in uk and I want to peruse that career as my passion but go international. My role model in life has been Shilpa Shetty. I learnt Bharatanatyam and Bollywood dance is always something I have loved doing in my free time.

Other than that I learnt speech and drama and achieved grade 8 the gold medal all with distinctions. I would say my favorite sport is badminton and I go ever Saturday to play at my local fitness Center. I have always wanted to get into modelling as it seems like a hard journey but something that has always attracted me and inclined me towards it. I have always had a big thing for fashion as my mum herself is a fashion designer. My motto in life is to become a well known model in the UK and throughout India. I know it will be tough with loads of ups and downs especially as my height isn't great I'm quite short. I have stayed with Shilpa as training and am prepared.

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