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ID : 258
Mumbai elegant female
Mumbai ,Maharashtra . India
Profile published on : December 24, 2017   Edit Profile

Some unique qualities that I possess : I have lot of patience. I do not react instantly on whatever the situation is and I believe and follow think twice before speaking, last is I never ever give up. I believe that I have a very good body structure(figure) for that am thankful to God. I am a good dancer and actor and I do write sometimes.

My inspiration is my dad from the childhood am following him. I have learnt a lot from him he was the only man I saw in my life who never ever got succeeded in his life but never loses the hope and never give up till the last. My hobbies are acting, painting and dancing. I like to write sometimes whatever I feels at that time, traveling. To meet new people get to know about there life.

I have done a lot but whatever I have if start believing that I have done a lot for my career in modeling and acting from that moment I'll stop growing as actor ,as model and as person. So am keep on doing ,working on my self and making better myself day by day and chasing my dreams. I am doing modeling and acting from last 2years I have done 2 short films. In college I was intra college beauty content winner. I have done some ramp shows as well.

photos elegant female gallery Bangalore
Profile published on : January 24, 2017   Edit Profile

My personality and my persona combine to form me. I consider my personality Adaptive and Affable(friendly, jovial). A person full of compassion, zeal(energy), patience and confidence. I am a keen learner, responsible and have creative skills. My persona is dynamic, strong, determined and proactive. It’s my persona that makes me so versatile and to function with others so well.

  • Excellent communication skills in Hindi & English.
  • Effective dialogue revealing qualities.
  • Good acting skills.
  • Modelling
  • Good Speech and Body language
  • Athletic, fit, graceful
  • Expressive face and eyes
  • Team working ability.
  • Jovial in nature.

I believe in KARMA. If the good is sown, the good is collected. Always say good words, do good deeds and have faith in God & in yourself. Radiate positivity as much as you can, it gives a boost in lives of others as well. Optimism leads to Power. Enlisted below are some of my work experience.

  • Main Cast of TV show AJI SUNTE HO – episode 33, aired on ZEE TV.
  • Crowned as Mrs. Nightingale - Stylish Diva at MRS INDIA EARTH 2016 beauty pageant.
  • Walked the ramp for designers Promila Urmila for the brand CoCoon.
  • Attended Media interaction and grooming workshop at Marwah studios, NOIDA.
  • Got featured in Navbharat times newspaper for winning the title at Mrs. India Earth pageant.
  • Headed Modelling Club at AIB, Amity University.
  • Performed at various offices, school, college and University competitions.
  • Performed during various festivals.


glamorous Mumbai
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Profile published on : December 26, 2016   Edit Profile

I am an interesting individual with many different interests and talents. I love learning new things and growing in knowledge and experience with them. My primary hobbies are art, dancing, creative designing, shopping, reading and the list goes on. I am open to print shoots and catalog shoots as i am pursuing my fashion design course. And it would be a good means for side income while studying. Please note that Im not interested in any revealing type of media like lingerie etc. If u find my profile suitable for any decent role, feel free to contact me.

I am 24, I have lived in newzealand for 10 yrs, and came bk to Mumbai 4 yrs ago. While i was pursuing my B.A degree I worked in many different fields to gain knowledge, experience and of course income. The areas i worked was as a teacher, an executive assistant to the director, and also in the hospitality industry . I HAve been photographed by a free lance photographer 2 yrs ago, for small projects. Currently I am pursuing a fashion design course as I am interested in fashion and i have a flair for art. Modelling for print shoots is something i am looking at while studying as a side income.

Chennai model
Chennai,Tamil Nadu,India
Profile published on : December 24, 2016   Edit Profile

I am versatile. I am good in modern as well as traditional outfits. Same way I can do classical and western dance. I have a long hair, fair complexion, I am a classical as well as western dancer. I am a singer also. I am an IT professional but always dream about the world of dance, acting. There are lot of artist who were engineers and doctors. They came out of their shell to the world of arts. They are my inspiration.

My hobbies are dancing, singing, driving,watching movies of different types. People who all see my performance say that there is an artist in me which outside world has to see. Their words are my motivation. For the past 20 years i am learning dance. I did so many programs. That helped me to grab confidence to face public. Since the starting of teenage, dancing, acting modelling are in my mind. By seeing movies I used to do the same in my own way. But I couldn't find a medium through which I can get into the field of modelling.
I am a fresher. Since the starting of teenage, acting is in my mind.By seeing movies I used to do the same in my own way. But I couldn't find a medium through which I can get into the field of acting or modelling.

beautiful images top models actors
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Profile published on : August 18, 2016   Edit Profile

I have a good sense of rhythm, sing really well, have a very good intuition, curious & workaholic by nature. I have never took any training in dancing but if I am choreographed, I'll do really well. I like adventures, in love with travelling, literally love to express through words, songs, acts, dance, body language, or any other means which I might not even know. I have a rough but strong enough idea of my life choices & path & that is what I am creating in the walking world. I actually have no doubts about myself in my head.

I am almost a totally evolved individual now & I am proud of myself of being through so much & actually getting out of it even stronger. I, from a very early age have been attracted & I say it again, attracted, to the film industry. Even then I had no doubts about me being there on the screen. So from that time I've actually lived my life in a way that when I am that big a personality, I have nothing in my past for not being a guidance for the crowd.
I am a fresher.

female New
New Delhi, Delhi. India.
Profile published on : August 14, 2016   Edit Profile

I have a passion for two things: modelling and travelling. After years of struggle to know myself and what I'd want to be the purpose of my life, I discovered that my only passion is to be a model and to see the world before I die. My friends and their families always encouraged me to try modelling because they say I have sharp features and a good body, and I like to believe so. I made wrong decisions like taking up economics as my bachelors, but now I am determined to not put myself through a phase like that again. I love to make handmade cards, I think I can draw.

My role models are Emma Watson, she is gorgeous and Malala Yousufzai, the girl who got shot by Taliban, I wish I was half as brave as her.  I am determined to work hard and bring out the best in me to achieve my dream, which is to be a top model, and once I achieve it, I will make sure to never lose my humility. This is what will bring happiness in my life, and that is how life is meant to be lived. I haven't done any work.

Mumbai, maharashtra
Profile published on : August 14, 2016   Edit Profile

I'm a fresher and I look forward to making this a career in the near future. I haven't received any formal training in any of this, though. I love fashion, style, glamour and this industry. That is why, i want to be a part of this industry. Currently, I'm doing my second year in bachelor o farts (B.A) from St. Xavier's College and I'm very keen and I really look forward to working on any of the modelling projects or fashion shows and advertisements. Though, I do not have much of an experience in this field I want to work and get experience from this field.

So, Hi. I'm 19. A Xavierite. I love fashion and love dressing up Also, that sometimes, I end up being over-dressed. I love to read and dance. Also, I'm not much of  bad singer. I did play guitar now that i don't remember much. I love glamour, fame and I feel so attracted to this industry that I want to e a part of it someday! I work hard and I'm very much determined and focused. I always get what I want. and, my dream is to get into this industry. Plus, I have a strong will in everything I do.

New bombay
Profile published on : June 30, 2015   Edit Profile

I have done Fashion Show, Dance shows, an international Magazine Shoot, I was a copy editor of International Magazine ENLIGHTEN INDIA, executive editor with News hint and shoots in Khiladi 786 and Ramleela. Judged a fashion show on 14th March 2014 in MGM engineering college Kharghar too. Have recently done a catalog shoot for upcoming international Saree brand ETHNIC U, it will go online website by 20th July 2014.

I am a national gold medalist in karate , University swimmer, Aerobics and Yoga trainer, Professional back dancer in the industry for past 4yrs and a Freelancer Model. I have been a great sportsman since childhood due to a defense background. My hobbies are to ride bikes, travel, dance,eat, and click selfies, I love getting click no matter where I am but i make sure I get clicked because it the only best way to see your self young forever.

I always think that no one is perfect and I try to learn like a beginner. Modeling is my great passion and want to get deeper in it. I have that spark in me and I hold tons of self confidence irrespective of the situation so no matter I am in front of the camera or just in Public. Simple living and high thinking is what I use to believe but now after coming into this industry u can't live simple, u need to raise ur bar and think extremely high and need to be very innovative.  SPORTSMAN CAN DO EVERYTHING EVERYONE CANNOT DO SPORTS!!!

Profile published on : August 10, 2016   Edit Profile

I'm an upcoming model and actor based in Goa, I'm looking forward to make my niche in modelling and acting career. I'd not say much about elaborate much about my strength and weakness but I'd say that every single day I wake up, I always feed my mind with the thought that no matter how tough and challenging and chances of success may be zero but still I want to take the chances of getting failed. Entertainment industry flooded with the most talented people and I strongly believe that what makes one to be a leading in this industry is to never compromise and never get molded by others thinking .. Be stubborn to stay what you are.. Learn everyday.. Be graceful in accepting all kinds of criticism. Be ready for surprises and the impossible challenges. I never like to take favor from anyone. I trust in my industrious nature and amicable. i want to show all these in action rather just limited in words.

My name is Diana Mathews Jackson. I'm an upcoming aspiring model and actor. I've started to work as a freelance model since November 2014. So far I've done 4 major shows in Goa itself. I\'ve done runway shows . My first shows was with Abraxas magazine. I attained Workshop conducted by Sparsha Despande (I am Fashion) 2015. Some feathers to my cap include being a Winner of Miss Summer Tulip and Miss photogenic 2015, runway show hosted by Recap Jeans, top 5 in Tito\'s Monsoon Princess 2015. I participated in Bottlebay Mega model 2016. I am also looking forward to establish myself in acting. I am also interested in participating reality shows .

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