Although we try to keep an updated list of international models in India who are available in town. They are still a subject to availability depending on several factors such as visa status etc. This category contains both male and female foreign models in India. Some of them are direct and some of them may be outsourced.

ID : 8
Profile published on : October 31, 2014   Edit Profile

I am a simple girl who like every details in life. I am dynamic joyful and curious about nex experience and things into the life. I have Irish, Japanese and Indian origins. And i dig into this to find myself. My family is extremely important for me. It give me love, self-confidence, respect of everyone, animals and environment. Thank to them, i think my life a special gift that i need to protect absolutely.

I love give to everyone, is for this i start to make beauty tutorial, to can help people and created a friendly community which can share every tips. First french and second international winner of modeling contest.

Dar es salaam, Tanzania, Africa
Profile published on : July 18, 2014   Edit Profile

I fall in love with camera. Naturally gifted skills are acting and modelling. Not looking for runway. Films and still shoots. International new face seeking exposure. I am a very down to earth person and considers no job too big or small. i am a natural dancer too. I choreograph and dance as a passion. This has always been my dream career so commitment is my priority.

I have been trying to break this shell for a very long time. I just think the agencies are foolish not to feature me. I can and i know i will raise the bars for any agency that will feature me first. Its all about how much of effort and hard work you put in for yourself. I have selling this and i will not stop until i get a break, which is very soon i know! I have been doing collaboration shoots with photographers and studios.

Johannesburg. South Africa.
Profile published on : September 29, 2014   Edit Profile

I'm 21 years old. I'm fun to be around i love making people laugh. I'm very energetic and love sport, animals, modelling and acting. I love travelling because i love to see the beautiful world that we live in. My family comes first before anything else. I'm bubbly outgoing and sometimes to much to handle but if you cant handle me at my worst you dont deserve me at my best. it may be stormy now but it cant rain forever. You want something in life get up and make it happen.

Hi I'm a professional Model and actor from South Africa Johannesburg. I have a passion for fashion and i love expressing myself through photos. I love being behind the camera and showing the world that you have nothing to hide. Beauty should be expressed in your own way and mine is through the camera. I'm a very bubbly and outgoing guy. I'm not shy at all. I love meeting new people. Love traveling and i love to act.

São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil
Profile published on : January 2, 2015   Edit Profile

Born in São Paulo city, especially photographic model and aspiring actress. In Brazil I have experiences in short shares on TV, photo shoots and I don´t have experience in performance, but having great wish to. In my pics I can express different characters, being sexy, romantic, powerful, dangerous, sweet, bad, happy, tomboy, and many other and I am very commended for it. For this reason, I believe I am great in performance, and that I can interpret any role. Also commended by my great shape, I have been to gym only two months in my life, because my real passion is dancing. Use to maintain my body only dancing and walking. I pratice Bhangra Dance, my favorite, and Bollywood Dance also. I love Indian Culture and appreciate all the celebrations. I have never been in India, but hope to have the opportunity to join the world of entertainment and arts in this country, that I like so much.

I love dancing, to be with friends and make simple programs like watching movies or eat something. I live alone and like to live this way. I am adventurous too and love to live lots of situations at the same time and everyday. Like to know new people, be in different places.

Mumbai elegant
Mumbai, Maharashtra. India.
Profile published on : August 19, 2016   Edit Profile

Born in Kabul, Afghanistan to an afghan father and Russian mother, during a devastating war. My family sought refugee in the peaceful and beautiful Scandinavian country Sweden, where I was brought up. My love for Indian cinema and fashion started before I could speak, as I watched countless Bollywood movies daily (first and favorite one is to this day is still Darr with Shahrukh Khan) I have since then followed my dream of coming to Mumbai and work.

I landed in Mumbai not knowing a single person, but worked my way forward and also finished a 4 month diploma course at Roshan Taneja school of acting. I have a dancer/theatre background, and absolutely love acting and fashion. Hindware Homes commercial with Shahrukh Khan. Hair model/Print shoot for Tigi Professional. Theatre acting.

Sacramento, CA, USA
Profile published on : August 19, 2016   Edit Profile

For me modeling isn’t just a hobby or a thing to do it’s my life. It’s more than just dressing up and getting in front of a camera. It’s a way of expressing yourself, showing your potential, and displaying your talents. Modeling is more like a passion for me it’s something that I love doing and completes me. As far as my career goes I plan on branching out. I want to be a successful entrepreneur, model, and actress. I want to build my own brand and have a clothing, perfume, and hairline. My strongest points will have to be my lips and eyes. New to modeling and just now starting into the industry.

female Paris
Paris, France
Profile published on : August 19, 2016   Edit Profile

I learn with facility many languages for speak and understand people in the world for my travels so i think it's my principal skill with a determination in anything i do. I practice sing and dance since i was child and my dream it's to be a professional singer and i will everything for make this dream come true one day. Since 5 years ago i decided to become vegan and it's my proud in my life because this is change me in better person. 2 years ago i decided to learn Buddhist philosophy and its help in the life. Modelling in Japanese agency at Tokyo, sung for many musical comedy and live shows.

Mumbai female
Profile published on : August 19, 2016   Edit Profile

I am a fun, loving energetic girl, I love to have a challenge. Modelling is my passion and so is acting and fashion. I am following my dreams and never giving up. I am the most determined person i know and i have so much courage. I want to be noticed in this industry as i am confident, and have a natural, fun beauty. I am looking for a career in Modelling. I am willing to relocate. i am also very good at acting and performing yet have had no professional experience. I am very photogenic and have a natural beauty.

Lagos, lagos, Nigeria
Profile published on : August 14, 2016   Edit Profile

I have always loved modelling right from childhood,I have never gone for any training but I trained myself,I have what it takes to become a top model I just need opportunities which I can't find in my country I believe I am unique and I'll become a super model. Apart from modelling,I love singing a lot and I have the voice to sing, I also love dancing and I write stories too. I'll love to be a movie producer someday.

God is the first thing that inspires me, music inspires me too and when I see great people who have made it In modelling industries they also inspire me like I also want to get there that why I built two motto for myself which is BE PREPARED. I am always prepared for anything even for the worse and am prepared for success. My second motto is NEVER SAY NEVER. Who says I can't become a super model. Like I said earlier I am always prepared for anything that comes my way, I am so determined to get there so I am fully prepared but no matter how prepared I am, but I can't go nude. I am a fresher.

New delhi,lndia
Profile published on : October 22, 2014   Edit Profile

Many failures in life is as a result of our inability to discover what exactly we truly want in life. We fail because we conformed our own destiny to that of others, our beliefs, our future,our nature, our opinion and our self image. Now, as i travel the aisle of destiny and journey the road of greatness, i have within me searched my inner self and i finally found out what i could possibly do to be different in this world.

Being just a writer, a singer, dancer and a speaker is an attribute that will pave way for me in this career. "Creativity is the mother of innovation and innovation is the reason for transformation" Isaiah Anthony.I have always loved the words of George Bernard Shaw "Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself." Simple, down to earth, committed, focus,intelligent, and flexible is my secret to making my dreams a reality. I love to dance, sing, write, travel, think, research, swim, and imagine the future at all times.

Los Angeles, California, USA
Profile published on : April 22, 2014   Edit Profile

I am a US. based professional international model and actress. Originally from New Orleans, Louisiana that moved to Los Angeles recently. Have done different print ads with New Orleans brands including NOLA bikinis, NOLA Wedding Guide, and others. Walked in fashion shows for Pedram Couture and also New York Couture fashion week. Worked as featured extras in various films.

I have always been fascinated by Bollywood industry and have been wishing to start my modeling and acting career in India. I am looking to broaden my horizons and work in India. I think I am ready to make this huge jump and start my career there. I have witnessed a couple of local models here who has been a raging success there, so really have my spirits up. I am looking forward to be represented by southcast.

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Profile published on : June 28, 2015   Edit Profile

Still a fresher. I'm a Swiss girl, with a very fair skin and a unique look. My rockin' haircut style is my signature. I am pretty sure no other model will have those features in India. I have always been confident that my looks always grab people's attention. That can help build a brand's image.

I am currently based in Mumbai, India. I have a graceful body language.I am inclined more towards fashion and ramp works rather than film or advertisements, but provided something good comes up I am definitely in. I am fluent in English and French languages.

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