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Profile published on : December 23, 2017   Edit Profile

In a journey to success we will always end up choosing one of these 2 options:- Quit or Fight it through. And I always chose the latter. I will not deny that it took me a lot of time to research an institute which can provide me with the necessary skill set within a time frame, and the one which deliver results and fit to my needs, coz of the transformation I needed from a person who had never acted, danced or performed in front of the audience to a person who starts handling all of these altogether. Hats off to the renowned academies of Kreating Charakters and Gladrags for helping me to improve myself.

I'd take this opportunity to even mention my inspiration Actor Nawazuddin Siddiqui. His performance is something what I admire the most and is what motivates me and keeps me moving. With this introduction about my personality I'd like to end it with my availability options for Print Shoots, Ramp Shows, Movies, and last but not the least TV commercials.

Following is some details of things I have done so far. EASTERN SPICES TV Commercial, done few shoots for photographers TARUN GUPTA and PAUL DAVID MARTIN. Part of episodics HEROES show that comes on CHANNEL V. Part of Fashion Show for the designer KIRTI RATHORE n CELEBRITY FACE FASHION SHOW held in DELHI.

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Chandigarh, Inidia.
Profile published on : December 25, 2016   Edit Profile

A "Never Quitting" attitude is what describes me the best. I left India 6 years ago to find myself. Sometimes, you find nothing in the middle of nowhere but, sometime, in the middle of nowhere, you find yourself. Graduated with a business degree but eventually found my light in Modelling/Acting. Anybody can say that they love facing the camera but not enough people will do what is required. I started acting 3 years ago and i also work behind the camera in a music video production company based back home in Canada. This is how much i love camera.

I have never ever doubted myself with what i can achieve through hard work. Managing 3 jobs, still finding time to workout, and filming projects, taught me a very impressive life lesson. You are only what you surround yourself with. Keeping myself busy is what motivates me. I am back in India after 4 years and i could not sit still. I wanted to work so here i am. Lets work together and make each other a better version of ourselves.
Graduated in Canada and started my professional modelling and acting career in Canada 2 years ago.

Apart from doing various fashion shows, i have managed to get lead roles in big banner music videos for world renowned artists. Some of my videos are listed below with their links:
1) Diary-Amrinder Gill ( )
2) Akhiya- Kaur B ( )
3) Under the stars-Ishmeet Narula ( )
4) Beqadra- Khan saab ( )

Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Profile published on : August 28, 2014   Edit Profile

I'm fun loving out going person. In one word I'd describe myself as 'candid'. I'm a fitness freak and play a variety of sports including cricket, badminton, table tennis, chess, football, baseball and have represented my school. My hobbies include kite flying, solving rubix cube, running ,reading books, playing guitar, dancing and listening to all kinds music from rock metal to Hindi classics. I aspire to be a commercial actor with my qualities as an all rounder. Though I agree to not have enough experience in this field I'm in search of opportunities to prove myself. I'm currently completing my high school education and would be committing to this profession totally after my graduation.

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Profile published on : August 18, 2016   Edit Profile

As for me I have been a RJ and presented many programs in English on 102.6 MHz. Apart from that have been an anchor with Doordarshan and Zee Channel. Have my Portfolios in place and keen on getting some good modelling assignments. I am Telecom professional. Have done my Engineering in Electronics and Telecommunication. Have been associated with All India Radio, Doordarshan and Zee channel as an Anchor and have presented many programmes. I have my portfolios in place and keen to do some quality print shoots and other modelling assignments. I am very passionate professional who believes in taking risks and challenges, I am a go getter and am sure will add value to whatever I do. Looking forward for an fruitful association.

New delhi ,india
Profile published on : August 14, 2016   Edit Profile

I am young, crazy and full of energy. I have failed in life and I have succeeded but never stopped trying. I am not an expert on one exclusive area, instead I have a piece of every element that is needed to survive in the market. I am not the best you may have, but what is certain that I will definitely become one.

I am a risk taker, highly professional and most importantly a learner. Always open to observe, recreate, be different in all possible ways. I have been on this uncertain path for almost a year now and every day is a new start for me. I believe that justifies my seriousness towards this profession. I see myself as a product that has not been used by many (Surprisingly). However, as they say, one does not get anything extra than he deserves and before the right time. I wake up every morning telling myself to hustle. I am very natural, try to give very simple poses which looks quite different from others. I know little bit acting. I love to travel, and become a famous model. I try to utilize my skills according to the work given to me .

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Profile published on : August 14, 2016   Edit Profile

My name is Devanshu Kashyap born in Shimla, Himachal Pradesh currently working as a software developer in Mumbai. I have a dream to pursue an artistic career to touch and heal the hearts of people through my presence and my voice. I sing well, and also trying my hand in composing my own music and songs, whilst, blending these abilities with modelling skills to invent a unique career path for myself. I strongly believe that I am a keen quick learner,trendsetter, mystic, glamorous, charming, unconventional and hard to ignore, and also pure, divine with awakened inner child, lovable and loving, uncomparable and accepting. The possession of this kind of boldness and beauty makes me regal and unique, wherefore, I mark a definition of my own kind.

I love and am daring enough to be a forerunner in implementing and executing new out of box creative ideas, also open to all kinds of work with an attitude of enjoyment devoid of any hesitation. I am a fresher, looking for quality work and experience to nurture and showcase my artistic skills to touch and heal the hearts of people. Extremely committed to work hard and invest efforts to yield quality deliveries to the clients and assignments I am tagged to.

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Rajkot,Gujarat, India.
Profile published on : August 14, 2016   Edit Profile

We are living in the era of Advertising and communication. Where most peoples are living with their dream to be a famous. I am a student doing Masters and chartered accountancy. Many times my friends and family members said me to go for modeling or acting because they believe I have a good look. I never took them seriously. One day I thought and decided to try it. Every person have turning point in their life. Maybe it will be mine.

Answers of questions displayed below this box:

1] Unique quality yet to identify.
2] Good fair natural look, communication skill, ability to do acting.
3] Traveling and visit new places are my hobbies, to be a famous is my motto (
4] i am doing one of the toughest course called chartered accountancy and my articleship is going on so i can surely say that yes i am dedicated,determined,and disciplined.
I am a fresher in this world of modeling and acting. I didn’t go at any school of arts. I played various roles in dance and drama at my school level and got opportunity to go out of India.

gallery talent palakkad
Palakkad, kerala, india
Profile published on : August 13, 2016   Edit Profile

Yes am unique because I have wide variety of hairstyles as short trimmed sides , top_knot , medium with spikes and more so I can be selected in different areas. I think ma strong plus point is ma hair and ma eye lens and color .my inspiration is sir David Beckham , his style , hair, body and the way he plays. I love football and am a football player so I keep on doing fitness exercise and now I had started going to gym .my motto is to try hard and be patient until u reach your goal and I have prepared a lot for ma modelling career , started going to gym , taking care of ma personal hygiene and body , wish to join a modeling institution after ma graduation .

I have not done anything significant yet.i am a fresher , interested in fashion , advertisements and ramp walks .bagged prizes in fashion shows at college level and done a short-film .basically am a south Indian with English look with athletic body. Different types of style suits me as ma hair can be changed easily to different variety .being a model is ma goal and I will try hard and wait till I succeed. I am doing engineering and wish to join a modelling institution to study more and for more opportunity, waiting for your call and thank you

male actors
Profile published on : August 12, 2016   Edit Profile

I have strong professional ethics and soft personal attitude. I can change myself according to situation and very adaptable to new ideas and environment. I am a quick learner. In case of acting and modeling I am still a fresher and am a stage of initial struggle. Once I get my foot in the door, there will be no stopping me. Let me know if I fit your requirements.

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Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Profile published on : August 12, 2016   Edit Profile

I am an Engineer by education, a manager by corporate experience and finally a performer by choice. Performance for me everything which entertains & engages the audience. Be it acting, dancing, hosting or modelling. I have done it all except modelling, which I am going to start now. I don't have a single person as an inspiration. Instead, I see some inspirational things in many people within & outside my reach. I try to take & apply the best they have got. I have merged my work, passion & hobbies to a single thing.
The good thing about me is I can do & have done various things related performing arts - i.e. I can Act, dance, pose, mime, host, fight (learning Martial Arts). According to what I am told/complimented, the good thing about my face is I have good eyes and a good smile. Also, I have a lean body and have a good & radiant skin. Apart from technically preparing myself for this career, I have left a very luxurious/lucrative life to follow this path. I have learnt Acting from Actor Prepares, have learnt dance from Shiamak Davar Academy & Ashley Lobo Academy and am learning/practising Martial Arts for the last 3 - 4 months. I am performing on stage (in Mumbai) as an Actor, a dancer & a Host for the last 2 years. Now, I want to do modelling also.

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Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Profile published on : August 12, 2016   Edit Profile

I am very good in handling comedy with a perfect coming timings. I want to be an actor known for better acting skills though. I've done acting courses from National School of Drama and Barry John Acting Studio. I have also done many stage and theater plays. I have done short acting courses from NSD and Barry John Acting Studio and have done more than 25 short films and videos and many theater plays. You can check out my performance by following the links below.

  1. - Kya Karega Pandu(SHort film)
  2. - Dil-e-Nadaan short film
  3. - The Great Interview (Short film)
  4. - Doriyan (short film)
  5. (Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham parody)
  6. - TVS advertisement
  7. - SHIV (webseries)
  8. - Bhar Do Jholi Meri parody
  9. - 4 PM Sunset Park ( short film)
  10. - Saa(r)thi (short film)
  11. - Raabta (short film)
  12. - Banjaara (short film)
New Delhi, Delhi, India
Profile published on : August 12, 2016   Edit Profile

I'am Ranganathan a south Indian Tamil guy. I born and bought up in New Delhi. I completed my education from Delhi itself. Something was always irking me within since i started knowing the world out there i.e to act. I'am a born and god gifted actor. I live with a passion in my heart to become a good actor. I have an ability to act naturally, to boast more i learned dance, with all that package I have the tall,dark and handsome looks. Though i have a strong flair for acting and modelling i needed a platform to prove myself,then i participated in a Mr & Miss mega model contest in Delhi and made it to grand finale. So I'm a package of all three Good looks, a dancer and an actor.

Now I want to explore more and want to fulfill my burning desire.So I'm trying my best hope you like my brief introduction. Since childhood I have a flair for acting and modelling. So i participated in a contest name Galmbirds Entertainment Mr & Miss 2013 in New Delhi. I have been made it to top 10. Besides that I work as an HR Executive in a private firm. I have a strong zeal to work in entertainment field so i can explore my talent more. I consider this platform as a path towards my dreams.

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