This category displays profiles of newcomer female fresh faces who have made their debut recently into modeling within last three to six months. It may include both Indian as well as international newcomer male models.

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Mangalore, karnataka, india
Profile published on : September 19, 2014   Edit Profile

I am just a fresher trying to get into a teenage modelling career. I am a 13 year old teenager with a strong will to enter into the modelling industry. I have always been fascinated with the thought of walking the ramp and being touched with fame and popularity. I am aware of the fact that i am a girl with glasses but that doesn't let me down. My plus point is my good hold on English and my dance. My hobbies are reading novels, going out shopping and hanging out with friends and I am greatly inspired by most of the actors and actresses in the Bollywood industry. I am very serious into looking for a way in into modelling.

Mumbai glamorous
Profile published on : December 24, 2017   Edit Profile

I am very punctual and dedicated towards my work. Acting is my passion that's why I chose acting as my profession irrespective of the fact that I am highly qualified. I want to be the best artist whom people of all age loves to watch performing. As per my hobbies relates I love to do comedy to make people laugh other than that painting, dancing, doing little stunts, playing badminton. And at last I am confident that one day I will become a very good artist.

I am available for TV Shows, Films and Ads. and would be glad to be a part of your latest production. Experience : Active Member of ABSS Theater Group from last 2 years; Done many stage shows with them in Mumbai. And also done many print shoots for jewellery and nutritional products. Kindly revert with your call for a suitable meeting/audition.

Mumbai gallery talent
Mumbai, Maharashtra. India.
Profile published on : December 28, 2016   Edit Profile

I am a third year student. Presently studying in Mumbai but originally from Bangalore. I have lived in Chicago, London and Paris and hence my love for fashion developed. I am an avid sports person and have played Tennis at the national level and cricket for Karnataka state. In my opinion my best physical attributes are my eyes, smile and hair. My motto is to be successful in life and enjoy every moment. My experiences in theater are my main driving force for applying for such modelling contracts. I love trying new things and I adapt easily.

I am highly expressive owing to my classical dance background. So far I have no professional experience in acting or modelling and this is my first stepping stone. I have done multiple workshops with the National School of Drama and have acted in the Lion, witch and the wardrobe play as well as jungle book. I am a trained classical bharatnatyam dancer and have been a part of Shiamak Davar for 5-6 years. I was a part of Adobe Youth Voices in a voice recording, (non-musical).

Mumbai, Maharashtra. India.
Profile published on : December 28, 2016   Edit Profile

Hi.. my name is Shivangi Mishra. I am from Mumbai. My favourite pastime is reading books and I am a great fan of author Sidney Sheldon and Amish Tripathi. Apart from that I love cooking, swimming and gymming. I am quite a spiritual person and a believer of God. My hard work and dedication has kept me determined in modelling career. Discipline and patience is what I have learnt from my struggle so far and I consider them my greatest strengths. Speaking of my personal qualities, I believe that my greatest asset is my communication skills, that help me to speak common language with people of most diverse backgrounds.

Hard work and loyalty inspires me and I always make sure to keep it with my character. My motto in life has always been to follow my vision and achieve success holding on to my true character. I have prepared myself to be strong and confident in both success and failure, and believe it to be the most important aspect to survive in this field.
Have done a calendar photo shoot with Pantaloons in association with Cosmopolitan.

Jodhpur, rajasthan, India.
Profile published on : August 13, 2016   Edit Profile

Well, yes I'm a new comer in this field. But I have gave an audition for modelling before at Balaji Telefilms. And I also got selected but because of my personal problems I could not attend my training. I am simply fashionable and my star sign is Pisces*. By seeing the nature of Pisces u can now  think how I am. And what I think of myself is  I am a kind, understanding and believe in being free. I actually always remember the rights I have and everybody should be. My strongest plus point is - I always fight for others but only for right things/topics. And always against of wrong  , whether it is of my parents or friends or of anybody but that does not mean that I don't love them.

Now about my career point, I want to be a model/actress because I think I can, at least u should give me a chance to show my talent up. I have always dreamed of being an actress, a star life. And my inspirations are as follows :- salman khan for being very good and understanding, sonali for being different and in nice & perfect body, selena gomes for acting and singing, shailene woodley for body shape and all about beauty AND Diandra for a unique style and creativity. This is all I had to say. Thank you

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Profile published on : August 12, 2016   Edit Profile

Hello, I am fresher, as of now haven't done anything professionally but yes have done prints for my friends studying in fashion college. I am still a fighter, looking forward to work in this industry. Sometimes it is hard to introduce yourself because you know yourself so well that you do not know where to start with. Let me give a try to see what kind of image you have about me through my self-description. I hope that my impression about myself and your impression about me are not so different. Here it goes.

I am a person who is positive about every aspect of life. There are many things I like to do, to see, and to experience. I like to read, I like to write; I like to think, I like to dream; I like to talk, I like to listen. I like to see the sunrise in the morning, I like to see the moonlight at night; I like to feel the music flowing on my face, I like to smell the wind coming from the ocean.  I like delicious food and comfortable shoes; I like good books and romantic movies. I like the land and the nature, I like people. And, I like to laugh. I would want to start with prints and commercials. Looking forward to work in this industry.


Mumbai artist
Mumbai ,Maharashtra ,India
Profile published on : August 8, 2016   Edit Profile

Hi am Nancy, a fashion Model with 2+ years of experience in Industrial projects , successfully modeled for various brands. I have worked with - Modern, Response, FashionWorld11, etc and possesses the specific attributes that many designers and fashion directors look for. I am known for being very flexible, adaptable, very stylish and versatile, efficient, hard working , good at taking directions and capable for all types of modeling. Some of my plus points include a good sense of style, a great facial projection, tolerant and adaptable, positive attitude, excellent stamina and communication skills, ability to look good at all times, know-how to dress up properly, knowledge of makeup process applications, excellent walking postures – familiarity in different poses.

Selected Performance: Met frequently with potential clients to present new designs clothing and products. Follow strict routines of diet, sport, sleep, and daily exercise to maintain great appearance. Dressed in sample or completed outfits, and selected accessories. Made many changes back stage during shows, and always kept poised appearance in front of audience. Well versed with routines of enhancing appearance effectively, know the aspects of colors, camera techniques and facial features. Maintained good relations with fashion customers to promote new products.

Work Experience: 2plus years in the Modeling Industry, Currently working with Fashionworld11- The Company leads in Fashion Style and Brand Management. Cover Page Model for the Magazine Attire & Attitude for FashionWorld11, concluded projects in Women’s Designer and Ethnic wear, bikini through Print shoots and Ramps,

Pune,Maharashtra and india
Profile published on : July 6, 2014   Edit Profile

I am a fresher but very hardworking. I am very passionate about modelling.I am simple living girl with high thinking.I am very hardworking and sincere.I take my work very seriously and i put all my efforts to make my work good. I love reading books, listening to music of all genres. I even love to sing and want to learn dance. My goal in life is to be a really good model and also interested in acting so also want to be a good actor.  I love to learn new things about my profession and also i try to keep myself updated about every field.

I believe in exploring and in modelling i want to explore myself. Modelling for me is a great thing that will bring me happiness and satisfaction in work. I hope that i will succeed in modelling and also acting. I want to help people specially senior citizens,poor kids,animals. I also want to be a social worker as i can't watch people in trouble those who are helpless. Fashion keeps people updated and i also want to do the same.

Mumbai , maharashtra ,India
Profile published on : July 24, 2014   Edit Profile

Hello world, this is Ruchira. I am into Acting n doing theatre from almost one year. I have done shoots for magazine n such. I am very very much interested in modelling. I want to see myself on hoardings all over India soon...! I am very much true and a good human being n very much honest to my work n that is why I am different. By education I am an engineer but least interested in that. So I quit that thing, because the only thing which i wanna do from my childhood is Modelling n Acting. My hobbies include Dancing and listening to music.  These days my primary aim is to be on hoarding soon. Yes of course, I am very much commited to my dream , to my career. I have joined theater with an intent to sharpen my acting skills.

Muskegon, Michigan, United States
Profile published on : July 30, 2014   Edit Profile

Everyone calls me Bri. I am 17 years old and I've been into modeling ever since i was a young kid. I always saw people in magazines and on TV and always hoped to be in their shoes one day. I've had lots of experience with cat walks, and photo shoots. I am a senior in high school. I hope to find a career in modeling or fashion. I'm always positive, I love giving to others more then receiving. I love volunteer work, with animal shelters, hospitals, nursing homes etc. I love the outdoors.

If there's anything to do outside, you bet I'll do it. (hiking, camping, fishing etc). There is a saying i go by and live my life everyday to, which is (Give more then is required, Learn as much as you can, Be strong and courageous, Speak and live your truth, Be true to your values, Seek to inspire others, Love everything and everyone). I live day by day with that saying trying to forever be positive and make others have a good day. I will forever try to follow my dreams. I have experience with cat walks. ( modeling down the cat walk ) for 5 years.

Mumbai, Maharashtra, india
Profile published on : September 5, 2014   Edit Profile

As far as my educational qualification go - I completed my +2 from Mayo college girls school (I.S.C Board), Ajmer, Rajasthan. I am still an undergraduate and am pursuing Mass Communication from Wilson College in Mumbai. I am still a fresher in modeling and acting industry. My hobbies include dancing, singing, swimming, air rifle shooting, sketching and painting, photography and badminton and of course modeling. I have gained enough experience in these realms so I can say that my special skills include painting, photography, acting, modeling. I am currently studying and residing in YWCA, Fort, Mumbai.

Profile published on : May 26, 2015   Edit Profile

My name is Alexandra. I'm a 21 year old girl. I'm from Kerala. I'm currently living in Mumbai. I completed my graduation in English. I'm currently pursuing my MBA. I have been thinking about choosing modelling as career but, my parents didn't allowed me to start modelling in that tender age. And as a 21 year old woman I think that this is the right time to start my career as a model. My inspiration is my friends and relatives because they always tell me that I look like a model and to try my career in modelling, I think the reason for that is because I'm so tall and slim. I'm 5 feet 9 Inches tall. About my hobbies I like dancing, reading, I love listening music and sometimes singing also my friends always told me that I  sing really well. But I'm not confident about that. My actual skill is drawing. South cast is the first agency that I'm applying for and I believe that I can be a top model through south cast.My area of interest is ramp walk.

I am a 21 year old girl.I don't have any previous experiences in modelling. But I have been dreaming about modelling since I was 16. But my family didn't supported me but now as 21 year old women I am going to opt modelling as my career. All of my friends keep telling me that I look like a model and why don't you try modelling. I do have all the physical features as a model I am tall and slim. I believe that I can be a top model through south cast. I don't have a professional portfolio so I'm posting the photos that I have with me.

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