Profiles of professional senior male actors and commercial models from the age group ranging from middle-age to golden years post fifty. These senior male artists have been an integral part of our film and television industry and deserve great respect and a space of their own

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Mumbai/ Maharashtra India
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Aged 46 years. Married with two boys. Been in the Travel Industry for 20 years. Ran my restaurant for a year. Both passions which I lived. My third passion being a part of the modelling and world of acting. A total fresher but a very sincere and hard working person by nature. Once I set my mind on something I ensure success. Love reading, music and travelling. Which due to my previous career traveled quite a bit. Swim to unwind. Don't have a six pack body. But have the smile, characters, behavior and personality of a well brought up human. Friendly, trusting is me, which could be looked as a good or bad quality. Dedicated to my given task. Right now my aim is to make it in this field and not give up until I make it! Don't expect to stare in any Hero roles, but yes can do a good job as a supporting role person. Same in adds whether print or motion can do justice. But like I said am New, in a virgin area and certainly could do with the assistance and guidance.

I am a fresher with a passion to model or even enact a small role in a movie. Was 20 years in the Travel Business. Spent a year at Amy restaurant. Both of them being passions which I have lived. I am married with two sons. Lived in Mumbai all my life. Have traveled quite a bit due to my work. Love reading , listening to music. Swimming is my way of unwinding most times. Would be most grateful if I could be mentored or helped. Let me know when to meet with and will be there.

Thane, Mumbai, India
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I am soft spoken and young at 60. Active in social field, a bit of a bathroom singer. I will not call myself handsome, but my eyes and smile can speak for me. A good listener but can communicate well. My English is strong and good enough. Maybe, I can add that I have a good voice. Can speak on motivational and personal development matters to small groups at small functions. Have also anchored small events occasionally. No modelling experience but would love to promote messages or products that appeal to the general masses. Just superannuated from my job at 60 years. Fresher for a modelling assignment.

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Mumbai, Maharashtra, in dia
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I am a very jolly person and get mixed up very easily. My personality is impressive. I can get into conversation with strangers too, very easily. I am a good singer and I do sing on private stage during Navratri and family gatherings. I did some singing lessons at Rageshri singing institute. I am very dedicated in whatever I do and I am sure I can be a good senior model. I am still a fresher and was to do modelling as a hobby

model Pune
Pune, Maharashtra, India
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I am an amateur actor, and have been working in short films in past 2 years. No matter whether it is a short film or a feature film, whether it is 2 minute role or 20 minutes role, there is always scope to do well. Every character is as new and as challenging as any other character portrayed in past. Nearly a dozen short/micro films and tvc, not all released on youtube. Some of the released work is available at . I consider myself a learner always. Every role is new and challenging.

male actor
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My educational qualifications include having a master's in commerce. My work experience includes working as an associate vice president with leading life insurance company in sales and having 21 yrs of sales experience. I do not have any experience in modelling so far but I am very keen to start. All attached pictures are latest. I am mostly keen towards commercial advertisements and print shoots. I am currently based in Dehradoon but I am comfortable to travel anywhere in the world if the assignments need me to.

male Mumbai artist
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
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I am unique because of what I feel. Because of what I am deep within.  I have a good voice, good looks and a good height. I aim to face my fears. Test my beliefs. And erase my doubts. My inspirations are self-made people. I love to keep fit. My motto is to give my best and keep my loved ones happy. I truly believe that every Creative person has to constantly feed himself, intellectually, in order to evolve. And I do just that by trying to be aware - watching, studying, and observing life itself.

Though each of us are unique, we are also a microcosm of the universe. If we can observe and understand our own Nature, than we can comprehend and hence enact the world better. I am a fresher, seeking modeling and film assignments.

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Kochi-Kerala- Want to move to Mumbai.
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I'm a very confident and optimistic person. I like to transmit these qualities to other people. I think that it is a very important point in publicity and in movies: To make people to trust on you. I'm also very serious and responsible and I like hard working. I'm handsome, expressive and photogenic. I like to read, to listen to the good music and to practice several sports (running, tennis, golf, cycling...) I like modeling and acting and I'm sure I'm prepared to be successful in this wonderful career, I have some experience in movies and advertisements in Kerala.

Toronto, Canada
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I am a god gifted in fine arts. I am creative and artistic. I am have engineering technology course from India as well as Canada. I am expert in performing Yoga. I have performed on stage and in front of camera. I did some print ad in Canada. I became model for photographers and graphic designer and painters in India and Canada. I am looking for an exclusive exposure in ads, commercials, dramas, movies and TV series.

I have nothing to say much about me as I do not like self praise. I am concentrating on my work. I am enthusiastic, evergreen, creative and artistic, hard working, wiling learn and  travel. I have worked for more than a decade in the field of medical device. I am educated in electrical engineering from India and biomedical engineering technology from Toronto, Canada. However, I am an artist by heart. I am god gifted in designing and painting. I am very religious and spiritual. I am vegetarian and teetotaler. I am excellent in Yoga and meditation.

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