Profiles of professional senior female actors and commercial models from the age group ranging from middle-age to golden years post fifty. These senior female artists have been an integral part of our film and television industry and deserve great respect.

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Profile published on : March 27, 2015   Edit Profile

I am a talented young woman. Yes, you heard me right.I am young at heart and above all very motivated. I was always interested in modelling but work and family responsibilities held me back. Now, I guess my day of reckoning has come. I have been training hard for this despite all my other commitments. For instance, I am jogging regularly and have maintained a fit and supple body after all these years.I have closely followed the latest trends in modelling by attending workshops and reading magazines. I am also passionate about dancing and received formal training before marriage. I believe determination and hardwork and can take people anywhere they want to be.

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Profile published on : November 17, 2014   Edit Profile

I am a trained actor, doing Hindi Theatre at present. I have done 3 Telugu movies in the past. I am a lively person with all types of emotions and shades which can be showcased in a character. I am quite strong with some of the emotions like anger, laugh, smile which come to me naturally. I like listening to Hindi songs, dancing is something which I always love to do. Even though I am a trained medical professional, I always wanted to be an actress. This is why I am committed to this and want to be one of the good actors. My motto is to bag characters at my skills of acting, which will work as a stepping stone and give me recognition in this industry.

I like to interact with people from different cultures, backgrounds to know more which helps me in building characters. I believe that I do justice with the character I am asked to play, it becomes possible because of my hard work and implementation of my learning to understand that character in all possible ways.

modeling Jakarta portfolio model female
Jakarta, Indonesia
Profile published on : December 24, 2017   Edit Profile

A passionate dancer being given the opportunity has demonstrated remarkable work in entertainment industry.
For someone who is a perfectionist acting is no child's game play. A real quick learner with a warm personality yet a very friendly attitude. Inspired particularly by Priyanka Chopra who is now shining internationally, I believe I can fly high too given the opportunity and right teachers.

For someone who believes that "Variety is the spice of Life", I am willing to try a variety of roles and enjoy each one overtime. Mentioned below are some of my experience as a model and an actress, in front of the camera. Also please check my video below.

  • Miss India Indonesia 2015 (Won the Ms. Talented title and entered top 10).
  • Indonesian Comedy Show titled Kelas International Season 1. Played an Indian Housewife who joins a language class (remake of Mind Your Language). Videos can be accessed on YouTube. My character name : Mrs Palak. Completed 160 episodes.
  • Black Berry Messenger Advertisement for airing in Middle East Countries.
  • Two time appearance in Game Show in Indonesia titled Family 100. Once we played against team of Uttaran.
  • Bollywood Update a talk show as a guest kathak dancer.
  • Coverage on MNC World News as an Indian residing in Indonesia.
mumbai actors female
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‘I am ridima and for last 6 years I worked as a photo model. I have a huge passion for acting and I love being in front of the camera. I mainly shoot fashion, ramp walk but I also enjoy creative projects . I am currently modeling for AC Model Agency and individual photographers I am available for photo shoots in Mumbai, but available to travel to other destinations in India. I am tall (5’7’), shoulder length hair natural brown colored, which makes me a good model for commercial print shoot.

female Hyderabad
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My name is Chaitali Chatterjee. I am 36 years. I am a Bengali. I am married with a kid. My interest in acting developed when I got an offer from someone to act in a short film. When I acted for the first time I developed a great liking for this skill. After that I went on to work in 2 more short movies which also got selected for official screenings in various film festivals within and outside India. My hobbies are music and movies, reading blogs, shopping. I manage to sing a little as well, and participated in few singing events also.

I have no formal training in acting or modelling, but the very thought of acting or modelling is exciting to me. I am a trained Kathak dancer though its been long that I have practiced. About my physical appearance people say I have a close similarity with actress "Sharmila Tagore". I love it and take it as a compliment. I also get to hear a lot about my eyes..that my eyes are beautiful and expressive. Worked as an actress in a couple of short films.

female elegant
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Profile published on : August 21, 2016   Edit Profile

Im a marketing professional with an Events background. My eyes are my best feature. They are expressive and I have a very expressive face, thanks to a training in Bharat Natyam. I'm a dancer, can sing. N I'm a fitness enthusiast. A doting mother. An animal lover. A traveller. Love riding bikes and driving cars. I want to see the world and have dreams that I want to fulfil, one being having a fitness institute.

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I am an army officers daughter. I am well convent educated. I am a costume and a fashion designer by profession and settled in work. My passion is modelling and want to pursue modelling seriously. Looking for good opportunities in this line. I have won lots of beauty pageants like miss jodhpur/ miss patiala/ miss GCW/may queen ball in DSOI club. I have participated in ramp walks for promotion of garments n products. I did a commercial on youtube for Amway. ad. Another one I did was with chef vikas khanna for I have appeared in the print shoots for coveted magazines like cosmopolitan, vogue, fashion and have also walked the ramp for a few fashions shows.

navi female model
Navi mumbai, Maharashtra, India
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I am fascinated by the glamour industry and want to try it out. I have average beauty but of late i got this realization that my pics come very glamorous. I am flattered by my pics, so i thought if i am gifted that way then why not make use of it, why not take a chance at it. My strong points are - I have sharp eyes n a very charming smile. I want to explore this avenue for myself n live my dream life..its the first time that i am applying anywhere for would b wonderful if you provide an opportunity..frankly.. i myself don't know what to expect, just trying my luck. I am fresher in this field and have not done any assignments yet.

Vasai Maharashtra
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I am very much passionate for acting. I am a very good Bharat-natyam dancer . My 1st stage performance at the age of 5. I took part in many dance programs . I did some theater shows in my young age. After marriage My husband is ex Air force personality so we have to travel always where ever posting comes so I could not continue acting as my carrier. After fulfilling all my duties towards my family now I decide to complete my long time dream. I got very good chance to act in Balaji's one episode kumkum bhagya. I did one product ad for big bazaar. I just completed one hindi picture its name is not yet decided . My kumkum bhagya episode was telecast on 16th May on zee tv it is Balaji production. I worked for product ad for big bazaar. And I just completed one shoot for film

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