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Haridwar, Uttarakhand, India
Profile published on : June 15, 2015   Edit Profile

I am a National Champion, Gold Medalist in Basketball. I have a good height, a lean and muscular body with six pack abs because of my intense basketball workout. I am very dedicated and hardworking person with a never give up attitude which is a pre-requisite in sports. Now I want to give my all to modelling and want to be a successful model. I want to see myself in the top models not just in India but in the whole world.

Andheri east,mumbai,india
Profile published on : September 4, 2016   Edit Profile

I am a natural model, I have done couple of add shoots, i am an artist(contemporary dancer) have performed at a show. I can dance really well..have the stage confidence..contemporary, free style dancing. My inspirations are all the successful models and dancers who achieve their goals. Even though having a job ,i am trying to get any good modeling assignment i can. any dance performance opportunity i can. i am training myself with dancing as well as with maintaining a good physique. I am an aspiring male model and an artist(contemporary dancer). I have done couple of add shoots and performed on stage at Gati Dance studio in Delhi.

Profile published on : September 4, 2016   Edit Profile

My experience includes walking the ramp for Frankfinn Institute, Ahmadabad (Guj), modelling for a local clothing retail chain in Rajkot (Guj), participating in dramas, hosting shows and also Djing for quite some time now. I am a newcomer model. A confident individual known for being versatile, flexible, adaptable, very stylish, efficient and good at taking directions. I am keen to work in a fast-paced Fashion environment, Editorials, Print Modeling and Commercials.

Traveling anywhere within or outside India is not a problem given the assignment is good and demands so. A humble, passionate, goal oriented person who believes in working hard and surpassing the expectations, not just living up to them and so if I commit to something, have no doubt, goals will be met. I have what it takes to make it to the top & I am looking forward to do some quality work with Prestigious brands and organizations.

Profile published on : July 9, 2015   Edit Profile

I am not special,but commonly special,the qualities that i was gifted i was gifted ,is flexibility ,flexibility in dancing is my passion and as i am punctual regarding my work out, a very strict regime,i inherent a very good physic.Because working out is mt favorite hobby. My motto is to become an actor and model ,who can become an inspiration to people aspiring to be an actor and model.
I am working in TOMMY HILFIGER brand as sale staff and also i am a fashion blogger model,recently done with upcoming blog which is about fashion, you can see my page on facebook or even on blog writer page name TEJASWINI PARKER on facebook.

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