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Modelling and acting fascinates me the most. I am currently 17 years old as of on march, 2016 and I believe if I start my preparing for this career right now, I might be somewhere in a couple of years. I am dedicated, focussed and committed to do the hard work. I have a wish to become a big fashion model someday and i am enthusiastic enough to give a kick start to my career. I am a fresher as of now.

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I am always fascinated by models and fashion and I would really love to be a part of it. As a fresher i am interested in magazine editorials, photoshoots, commercials.

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Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
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Fortunately I am blessed with natural afro hairstyle which is rarely seen in Indians. I can act and dance but I haven't received a formal training for that, though. I am comfortable in front of the camera. I am pretty confident about my performance and I do learn things easily. I have been always wanting to feature in a commercial so hopefully will be getting my well deserved opportunity soon.

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I am a fresher model from Gujarat, India. I have silky hair. I want to work in television serials and advertisements. I am good at acting as well as as dancing. I am very expressive, basically really good with expressions and I believe I can act really well. I should mention at this point that I have not taken any formal training for acting and modeling.

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hi, my name sandeep chavla. It really sounds so simple that one can say a lot about his/herself once given a chance but trust me it’s not. When the first time I tried to write down something about me , I was completely lost that from where i should start and where finish. I could manage to write just a few lines only. Future is really something which can’t be defined and bounded in any boundaries. Its certainly can’t be decided too. Yes I have some plans and goals that I have decided for me but its better to keep them a secret for now. Lets see where life takes me? Yes whatever I shall be doing, I guarantee you that it will be with full passion and dedication.
My life and my self are not really limited to one thing or aspect. I love to learn new things, expanding my horizon of knowledge in every aspect. Life is so short and this world is so big. There is so much out there to learn. My mantra for life is that believe in your self , stay focused and keep going. thats all.

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Mumbai, maharashtra. India
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Modelling is an interesting field for me which requires to be bold and courageous to face the camera, at the same time it has been my dream to become a model. According to my friends, i have a nice physique, which can further be an advantage. So far this has been the first step i have taken to built up my career in modelling. I am yet a newcomer, will be delighted to receive an offer and eventually know that freshers are given a fair chance to prove themselves.

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I am a soft heart curing person. I love singing. Acting as well as the modeling and to achieve a high score is my dream. I can do anything to achieve my dream of acting and modeling. I am studying in a high school and I am from gujarat. My wish is that i could find any big support than swear I can do best and could achieved a great score in this. Thank you so much for reading my portfolio.

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Hello its Aadil here , I have done few photo-shoot but never got a chance to show it to any one but thank you to south cast who gave me the opportunity to show my portfolio , i am completely a fresher to this field i have done few fashion show at ma higher school ! I am a fresher model making a foray into the world of fashion. People I am close to say that I have what it takes and tells that I have the Capability to do so , the physical dimensions as well as spiritual consistency. I have recently shot my portfolio and I have not done any commercial work as yet so I do not have anything on the video.

I am mostly keen for photo-shoots and commercials. I may be willing to do a feature film in the later stage of my career and provided the substance is really good. Feature films will be covered in the later. In person I am a down to earth, compassionate next door guy. person dedicated towards achieving their goal. I confident to handle anything this world throws at me and I am sure I will make my mark.

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Thane, maharashtra. India
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First of all I am good listener so at any cost i can listen who are guiding me for my betterment. there always a fire in my body to do something new, something overrated. I played for Maharashtra under 14 which can be consider that i am good physique. I am very good at dancing there was a day when i got award for my dancing skills. Like I said. every person is good at something or some quality. so I inspired by their good quality. i like to play outdoor game which gives st least two things one is fitness and second thing is enjoyment. .my motto is "do good it will definitely changed into your whole dream".

This career is a tough choice for me as I seen many people losing their hopes. but the thing is i want to become a actor and model. i am a hardworking guy which can work with a strong enthusiasm and dedication. i am well discipline person because of my parents guidance and involvement in any work. i am well prepared for my future and the future is in your hand . I am still a fresher. I had not upto any acting or modelling coaching. not even worked for a single television show or commercial ads. waiting for some opportunities which i got after looking at your site.

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I am still a fresher and aspiring to become a model. And I've done few junior artist roles in few movies but couldn't continue. I like to be me. And I like to be different, do things in a different way, think in a manner, just something different that generally people don't think about. And the best part about me is I give my best in everything and will surely try my best to complete my tasks. I am a very adventurous type of a person and love to try anything and everything. I was always inspired by the music so that makes me really fond of music and I can sing p pretty well too and as being a sports person I like to stay fit and healthy, and I am a very good football player too which might not interest you much.

I always wanted to be a model, as I love the way I look and have received many complements from everyone I've met till now. Though I look like an Asian everyone find me very smart and cute and that makes me more eager to get into modeling. So far that's enough I guess or it'll be like I'm going to much about myself. Thank you and hope you like my pics and me too.

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