Response time

If you have been automatically redirected to this page, it means your shortlist have been successfully submitted and a message has been sent to the authorized staff of the portal. However, the response may depend on several factors which as indicated below.

  • We would like you to please understand that collecting appropriate response from a model is a process which sometimes  may take a little time . Sometimes the models pick their phones and respond immediately but most of the times not. As a follow-up action we then do leave them a message and keep calling them in regular intervals, until we connect. Bottom-line is, our response to you depends on the model’s  response to us. But, we can guarantee that there is never a delay on our end.
  • Other factor that contributes to response time is, how accurate is the instructions provided along-with the shortlist. When we speak to the model we generally follow the instruction to the word, but if even the instruction changes ever so slightly in the later stage, it may cause delay as we have to speak to the talent again. So this reason is never from our end.
  • We respond to the client according to who contacted or submitted their shortlist first. In case we are already committed to another project/s and working on them at the time you contacted us, we will still give you an approximate response time.  In case we are free we will immediately start working on your project.